Anti - static cord metal wrist strap

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Anti-static wrist strap is a wrist wear in the human body wrist, relief of human body accumulate static charge, it can effectively protect the zero resistance from electrostatic interference, to discharge the human body static electricity, the wrist strap should contact with the skin when use, and make sure the ground wire grounding directly, so as to maximize the efficiency.



The wire is made of PU material, with better elasticity, stronger bending force and not easy to pull off.Internal wires are 7 core copper wire, discharge static electricity more fast.


Wrist strap    Main part: ABS adhesive material
                     Wrist strap: stainless steel elastic band, adjustable length
                     Color: metal
                     Strap specifications: width 1.7cm, length 16cm
Coil               Material: PU skin, copper platinum 7 core, within 1 m Ω resistance
                     Color: blue
                     Coil length: 1.8 m, 2.4 m, 3m etc
                     Line diameter: 2.05 mm, 2.4 mm
Plug type: four-petal banana head; Eight-lobe lantern head
Button type:copper button
Electrostatic discharge time: 0.1s



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